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2023 IPAC Conference

July 23 - 26, 2023

Washington, D.C.


Elaine PulakosHow Leaders Can Create Agility and Resilience

Keynote, Monday, July 24, 9:00am

Elaine D. Pulakos, PhD is CEO of PDRI and an expert in building organizational and team capabilities that translate into business growth.  She is well-known for her research and writing on agility and resilience and has extensive global experience helping companies build these capabilities to increase their competitive advantage and performance. 

Elaine has received numerous awards, including the 2017 Stephen E. Bemis Memorial Award and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Distinguished Professional Contributions Award.  Elaine is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and SIOP and is a Past-President of SIOP.

About Elaine's Presentation

In her keynote presentation on Monday morning during the IPAC Conference, Dr. Pulakos will discuss why agility and resilience are more important than today than ever.  Her presentation will present findings from over 300 global companies that reveal counterintuitive conditions that distinguish the most agile and resilient organizations.  She will reveal what leaders need to do to build these in their teams and organizations and talk about the implications for selecting and developing leaders.

Juliet AikenFirst Do No Harm: The Human Legacy of Assessment Technology

Keynote, Monday, July 24, 3:30pm

Juliet Aiken, PhD, is a consultant with Volta Talent Strategies and the Head of Consulting at Conducere. Juliet holds a PhD in I-O Psychology with a specialization in hiring and selection, diversity and inclusion, statistics and measurement, and aligned strategic change management.

At Volta, among her other responsibilities, Juliet develops and validates competency models and assessments to enable law firms hire, integrate, and retain diverse top talent. In all of her work, Juliet serves as a trusted advisor to help organizations pivot during periods of uncertainty (internally and externally), supporting them in developing systems for hiring, training, promoting, and retaining talent.

She has over a decade of experience in consulting and leadership roles in government, private sector, and nonprofit sectors and has served as an expert witness around discrimination in hiring. Juliet is part of the team that won the 2017 IPAC Innovation in Assessment Award for "Hiring Quickly and at a Low Cost under a Consent Decree." She also received the 2020 Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Early Career Award in Practice.

About Juliet's Presentation

Our ability to leverage assessment technology in new and unique ways is expanding at a rapid pace. With this tremendous growth, new techniques and tools, the impact of which are often not fully understood, become available to assessment professionals. Unfortunately, our natural desire to explore the unexplored and push boundaries risks us jeopardizing the most important part of our work--the lives of those taking our assessments and how they are impacted by these powerful tools. By supporting hiring and promotion decisions, these assessments, in a very real way, determine who has a job, and therefore financial security. These tools have great potential to have a positive impact on people’s lives, or to do harm.

In her keynote presentation on Monday afternoon during the IPAC Conference, Dr. Aiken will discuss human-centered approaches to leveraging assessment technology that prioritize positive and equitable impacts and minimize harm. Tricks, tips, and trade-offs, as well as potential traps to avoid, will also be discussed through the lens of a responsible and ethical approach to getting the most out of your assessments.

Victoria MattinglyInclusalytics: Making Workplace Inclusion a Measurable Construct

Keynote, Tuesday, July 25, 9:00am

Dr. Victoria Mattingly ("Dr. V") is CEO and founder of Mattingly Solutions, a woman-owned diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consulting firm that uses data and science to improve the human experience at work. Before starting Mattingly Solutions, Dr. V worked as an external consultant at DDI and Mind Gym and on Amazon’s talent assessment team. She is co-author of the globally-acclaimed book, Inclusalytics, and earned her PhD in industrial-organizational psychology from Colorado State University.

About Victoria's Presentation

In business, what gets measured gets done, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) should be no different. Effective DEI measurement enables us to assess gaps between vision and reality and offers insight and clarity to help achieve data-based DEI goals. Yet, the process of using data and science to build strategy, execute efforts, and evaluate the ROI of DEI can at times be puzzling and challenging.

During her keynote presentation on Tuesday morning at the IPAC Conference, Dr. V will provide clarity around what should be measured and used to drive an organization's DEI efforts. Dr. V will passionately and eloquently share how to use data and metrics to turn what is often considered “soft and fuzzy” DEI work into measurable results and, most importantly, data-driven action.

Eric SydellThe Bottomline on AI in Hiring: Is it Effective, Legal, and Fair?

Keynote, Tuesday, July 25, 3:30pm

Eric Sydell, PhD, is an I-O psychologist, entrepreneur, and consultant with more than two decades of experience working in the recruiting technology and staffing industries. An expert in artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning, psychometrics, and their practical application in hiring, Eric regularly writes and speaks on these topics, both in the media and at academic and industry conferences, worldwide, and is the co-author of the book, “Decoding Talent: How AI and Big Data Can Solve Your Company’s People Puzzle,” from the Fast Company Press. He has been quoted in Fast Company, USA Today, Yahoo Finance, VentureBeat, Silicon Republic, and many other outlets.

Eric was one of the founding scientists of Shaker International, an innovative hiring consulting and solutions firm, where he directed research and innovation. He also served as Executive Vice President of Innovation at Modern Hire where he oversaw research and innovation initiatives, including the data science-focused Labs team of PhD-level I-O psychologists and data scientists.

About Eric's Presentation

In his keynote presentation on Tuesday afternoon at the Conference, Eric will cut through the hype around AI and its complexity, presenting in clear terms what it is, how it is useful, how it can be problematic, and what it means for the future of talent acquisition and the broader tech landscape. Drawing on his experience working with both data scientists and I-O psychologists, as well as in the marketing world, Eric will discuss how the term “artificial intelligence” itself is a part of the problem, how transformative AI is and will be, and how it is vitally important for humanity that we harness AI applications with well-written laws and regulations.

Elizabeth KolmstetterLet's Talk: Assessing Capabilities and Culture

Keynote, Wednesday, July 26, 11:00am

Dr. Elizabeth Kolmstetter is the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) first Chief People Officer.  In her new role, Dr. Kolmstetter is building an enduring “People First” Culture into everyday activities and the employee experience at CISA - the government’s newest agency.  She has responsibility for talent strategy and organizational culture, surveys and analytics, engagement and recognition programs, learning and development, leadership development, and internal communications.

Prior to CISA, Dr. Kolmstetter was the Director of Talent Strategy and Engagement at NASA.  Her work directly contributed to NASA being named the Best Place to Work in Government (large agencies) for ten years in a row.  With nearly 30 years of public service, she has pioneered innovative programs across agencies including NASA, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), CIA, FBI, Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), and Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  As one of the very first federal employees tapped to be part of the creation of TSA in the aftermath of 9-11, she led the new standards and hiring system that resulted in the largest civilian workforce mobilization in US history – the hiring of over 55,000 security screeners at 430 airports across the nation in one year.

Dr. Kolmstetter received the 2022 Presidential Rank Award, 2020 NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal, 2010 National Intelligence Superior Service Medal, and is a Fellow of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  She received her PhD and MS in I-O Psychology from Virginia Tech and her BA in Psychology and Computer Science from Hollins University.

About Elizabeth's Presentation

In a fireside chat setting, Dr. Kolmstetter will have a conversation about assessing capabilities amidst the dynamic landscape of the “Future of Work,” digital transformation, and human-centered talent management.  Audience members will be invited to ask questions or raise issues about assessing capabilities and impacting culture at this session on Wednesday morning at the IPAC Conference.  She will provide expert guidance and give candid responses.

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